Automotive Technicians - Never a better time then now!


Automotive Technicians - Never a better time then now!

By: Eric Benjamin - written: December 08, 2013

The auto industry as of late is on a down turn for new car buying and you've no doubt had your friends and family ask why you would ever want to work in the automotive industry at a time like this. I would ask you why if at any time in your life would you not take this opportunity to get an automotive education from one of the many accredited schools offering automotive, diesel, collision repair and refinishing, marine, or motorcycle training when more consumer then ever before are keeping their cars longer.

The good news for you is that when consumers purchase less new cars in a recessionary period they also tend to keep their cars longer and thus older cars require more maintenance and up keep. Consumers will forgo many things, but when it comes to their car, keeping it running and on the road is a necessity for most. While it's true some consumers will decide to make their own repairs, the majority will look to dealers and more importantly independent shops that provide lower cost services and high quality technicians.

Thus, the decrease in new car buying will lead to more work opportunities for those looking to become highly trained automotive, diesel, auto body, marine and motorcycle technicians.

Of course you're concerned with dealers going out of business, but for those that weather the storm the opportunities for auto techs will only increase and so to will the number of independent shops. So really there is no better time then now to consider changing careers or investigating attending one of the top automotive schools.