How much can you make? - Auto Mechanic / Technician


How much can you make? - Auto Mechanic / Technician

By: Tina Benjamin - written: November 09, 2013

This article is part of a series of articles showing trends in Auto Industry. With the exception of one peak, you can see that the Auto Mechanic Industry is on a steady rise as far as growth.

Auto Mechanic Growth Trends

auto mechanic technician Job Trends graph

This graph shows the number of job postings that indeed finds in the specific area of automotive technology. As you can see there hasn't been much of a dive do to the economy. In fact, automotive technology remained strong when other industries became heavily affected. This shows a solid and strong industry.

Auto Mechanic Salary Trends

auto mechanic technician salary Job Trends graph

As for salary, apart from a spike in the Summer of 2005, there is a rise hidden in the normal flux of the graph. Salaries are on the rise for Automotive Mechanic Technicians. And with the demand going up, this puts anyone that wants to get an education now and be ready to enter the Automotive industry, in an excellent position for the future. If you are interested in finding an Automotive school that is right for you, visit to find out how!