Ladies Auto School - The Latest Thing in Automotive Training.


Ladies Auto School - The Latest Thing in Automotive Training.

By: Tina Benjamin - written: October 26, 2013

As a woman, when I think of automotive school and automotive repair, I think of men in coveralls, working in a high-tech environment, fixing cars and engines. But there is more to Automotive School than that. In comes Ladies Auto School. I recently came across a site called Master Mechanic Erin Mills. Bjorn Holm, owner of Master Mechanic Erin Mills, launched Auto School for Woman - Girls Can't What? over two years ago This workshop empowers women by teaching automotive repairs and maintenance.

According to the website, the workshop stresses on three points:

  1. To empower women to be confident behind the wheel.
  2. To educate women about the importance of regular maintenance.
  3. To promote road safety.

This workshop shows female customers that servicing your vehicle or taking it in for repair can be a positive experience. The website states that 89% of women told the Car Care Council, an aftermarket trade group, that they feel they're treated differently by mechanics because of their gender.

I know not all of my experiences at the service department have been positive and hopefully this seminar will catch on and expand to other places so that more women can learn to have some knowledge when it comes to the act of automotive repair and service.

If you are lucky enough to live close to the Mississauga area and want to participate in this workshop. Click here for more information on how to sign up!