Hummer is now... Chinese?


Hummer is now... Chinese?

By: Tina Benjamin - written: June 03, 2009

What is the Chinese word for 'Hummer'? I guess now the appropriate pronunciation is "Han Ma" meaning "Bold Horse"

It was announced in June 2009 that Sichuan Tengzhong, Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. was buying the General Motors Corp. section. But this company, which is only four years old and has 4300 employees don't make passenger cars, but produce construction vehicles, power equipment and building materials. Heavy Equipment is the name of the game and what will this mean for Hummer?

Hummer has always had a dual identity. People either love it or hate it. The environmentalists always targeted the 5 ton vehicle for its gas consumption, others love the automobile modeled after U.S. Military Vehicles that roamed during the 1st gulf war, giving it that 100% American feel. Will Hummer lose their appeal to those fans that love them if there car is make by Communist China?

Tengzhong will keep production of Hummer in the U.S. and also keep existing management. The Company plans to invest in research to create a more fuel-efficient vehicle in the future. Plans to launch a 'aggressive global expansion' is also in the works.

Questions still abound about this mystery company and the takeover. Details, company background and financial information are cloudy at best. Could the Chinese military have funded the takeover? Tengzhong and GM aren't giving up the details.

China and its booming economy could save Hummer. But is it such a good idea to be selling of America to the Chinese piece by piece? And since GM got government funding should Americans have a say in what happens when a car company sells off part of itself to the Chinese?